Mosdorfer CCL

Mosdorfer CCL Test Factory Opens!

Mosdorfer CCL has expanded its testing capabilities with the opening of a new mechanical & vibration test facility. Equipped with state-of-the-art tensile, vibration measurement and computer technology, the new 300 square meters test facility demonstrates our strategy for supporting and assisting our customers.

Managing Director John Morris is delighted with the new facilities: “This is an audible and tangible further extension of expertise at Mosdorfer CCL. With the new test facility, we have created optimal conditions to further optimize the globally networked development activities within T&D and adapt to customer needs even better than before.”

The new facility enables Mosdorfer CCL to progress the development of new, high quality products. It will have a central role in innovation activities and enable full Fctory Acceptance Testing to be carried out by the company on all product ranges.

The main components are new 50 & 1000kN Vertical, 100 & 500kN Horizontal tensile test machines, vibration test system, electrical resistance system & high capacity multi-purpose oven.

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